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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Blankets

Have you seen or FELT blankets made out of Minky Fabric?? They are so soft; almost to match the feel of a newborn's skin. Really, it's amazing. I wish there was feel-a-vision for the computer.

One side is all Minky -- the other side is all silky - so yummy

Cost: $30 and I'll pay the shipping

These blankets will wrap up a newborn baby so nicely AND fold up small to put in your bag. It will cover, warm and give comfort to a child for years!

All the blankets are flannel on both sides
measure 46" x 43"

Click on each picture to see a close-up!

Cost: $20
Shipping: $3.00

Sweet Girly Pink Striped Blanket
Trimmed with pink Rick Rack

Monkeys with green backing
Trimmed with brown piping

Elephants with Blue Backing
Trimmed with green piping

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