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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yummy, Less Fat Cookies!

I have made Toll House Cookies for many, many years. They are always yummy and gone in a day or so. The recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter/marjarine. About 15 years ago I started to only put in one stick of butter. The cookies were great! Recently, I cut out a few more tablespoons of butter only putting in 6 tablespoons as opposed to the full 8. The cookies still turn out great. I add the full 2 1/4 cups of flour. You can find the full recipe on the back of the Nestle brand Chocolate Chips, (and usually on the back of any brand of chocolate chips.)
Here is the dough:
Here are the finished cookies:That's what works for me!
For more tips to go:


  1. I'm going to give that a try! Great idea.

  2. I'm going to try that with my favorite recipe too. Do they still turn out soft?

  3. Well whaddaya know! So cool. I am impressed at your courage in experimentation. Once I set out to create something chocolatey nothing must stand in my way of speedy consumption ;) This is very, very good information to have. Thank you.

  4. Hey, Caroline - yes, they are soft - just don't over bake them. You would never know all the butter was not in the cookies - amazing.

  5. Wow, what a cool idea! My daughter has been doing Weight Watcher's for a while now. I'm going to make these so she can finally enjoy a cookie or two again. Considering that you've gone from 1600 down to 600 calories, I bet that means a big calorie savings in each cookie, too!

  6. Wow!! I am going to give this a try. I love the Nestle Toll House is the best!